Declaration of
    Appropriate Technology

    April 20, 2010

    We declare that, the resources of our planet, Earth, must be used to develop the technologies needed to meet the basic needs of our total population, empower people and at the same time preserve resources for future generations.

    We declare that appropriate technologies must be prioritized to meet the basic needs of all humankind. Clean air and water, safe food, affordable accessible and available healthcare, adequate shelter, renewable energy, relevant education, and access to information and communication are basic human rights that can be provided for all of humankind today by devoting the planet’s natural, financial and human resources to appropriate technology. We declare that appropriate technology development and deployment honors cultural sensitivity, maintains ecological balance and fosters economic sustainability.

    We declare that priority must be given to providing technology focusing on empowering people directly. An empowered population can more effectively use their creativity and critical thinking to improve the state of the planet and society and improve their quality of life. An empowered population is most capable of exercising democracy in all local, national and global contexts. We declare that in the process of implementing Appropriate Technology, that the most disadvantaged populations must be given priority. We must dedicate special attention to the technological needs of the ‘Global South’ – the most underdeveloped countries.

    We declare that in the process of implementing Appropriate Technology, that special attention must be given to the least empowered sectors of all communities - women, children and oppressed minorities.

    We declare that a primary goal of the ‘Appropriate Technology movement’ is to use science and technology research, development, deployment, implementation and policy to work toward worldwide egalitarianism. We envision – a social reality where all women, men and children of our planet have equal access to resources to meet their basic needs and a controlling voice in how resources are to be distributed and technology is to be developed.
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