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    Seminar #7, May 16th, 5pm UTC — Appropriate Technology by Another Name -- AT and the Civic Tech Movement (Presenter: Mjumbe Poe)

    Appropriate Technology (AT) is a guiding framework for building technology that addresses the basic needs of individuals while respecting cultural, ecological, and economic constraints. The Civic Technology (Civic Tech) movement has evolved to bring private-sector technological practices into the public domain, aiming to modernize government services while navigating bureaucratic constraints. Both AT and Civic Tech share a common philosophy: empowering communities through technology that is sustainable, culturally sensitive, and stakeholder-oriented. This talk explores the connections between AT and Civic Tech, illustrating how their shared goals can be harnessed to foster cross-movement collaboration. We'll discuss how terminological changes can mask the continuity of the projects. By examining the parallels between AT and Civic Tech, we aim to inspire a broader understanding of how these frameworks can inform each other and offer new strategies for solving complex social and technological challenges.

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